Well, Farok from Puchong, Ikhwan n Faisal from Seremban picked their own Mimpy shirt yesterweeks.. and i met JoJie m chichie for the first t... [...]

I'm currently working on solid shapes, ahah, just to find something to active my hands back to my productive house. Not just that, this ... [...]

NEW product release from us, a "War of The Wings" T-shirt is Out Now!! Only RM50 ,available sizes are S,M,L,XL... Grab them while... [...]

Meet my bestest friend, DR... can call him Reza. Currently managing and also being an idea developer for Mimpyngery for a while now. Strong,... [...]

Tomorrow(10th April) will be the day u all witness a T-shirt launch by us only in myspace, facebook and here. Only 1 design out this month. ... [...]

Almost 2 months spinning my head and being jobless, now it's time to roll it all back with new environment. I do graphic and molding jer... [...]

I had a coffee with my mate Reza at Food republic, us talking future stuff and so forth, yeah we're a BIG planner. Afterwards, i took us... [...]

What makes a blog successful? The answer is consistency. Sounds simple, but it’s the hardest thing to do for most blog upstarts. The best... [...]

i've been working on this since 2weeks ago. Yeah pretty slow huh! i hate being a slow mo, but what can i say, sometimes i need to rest m... [...]

If u want some good stuffs, never care about the price. haha, that's kinda my quote. so, i got this shirt from Perverse called CRAP, whi... [...]

This morning me & DR when to Shah alam to settle some politic situation up on the hill. Settled in the afternoon. Honestly, the temper... [...]

So, basically this is my first ever design for a client from outside of my country. Its a good start thou. x) its a clothing line called ... [...]