i Did for Frostbites (clothing). This is their idea n concept, i just draw them enjoy ;D [...]

a design for a brutal Death band from Terengganu. They wanted some gore stuff from me. this is it. enjoy ;D [...]

Untuk makluman u all semua, mimpyngery telah berjaya menghasilkan "tutorial" yg pertama. Tutorial ini menunjukkan teknik2 yg mimpy... [...]

This is the details of artwork for Kiss The Fallen. This details will be the next level of Mimpyngery's works. Stay tune [...]

I haven't done this in a long time. i mean the stroke. This is the stroke i've been practicing when i'm still younger, just want... [...]

I did a little brainstorm for this to come up. Inspired by The Fallen of Transformers and a bit of my originality touch. Finished piece will... [...]